Our Approach

Self Driven

Our approach to business is embedded in our five core values. In truth, they have remained unchanged since we began in 1991 but have recently been brought into sharp focus during a number of workshops we have hosted for our ever-growing team. Held at the heart of our organisation, our values make us proud of what we have achieved and, importantly, how we have achieved it - both personally and professionally.

Solutions Focused

Photon Productions business model has been developed to provide maximum flexibility in order to deliver solutions bespoke to its customers’ specific requirements. Coupled with its broad range of products and services, which span its five divisions, Our team of experts is able to provide a truly integrated solution to deliver against the business goals of its customers.

Whether your priority is to:

  • Rationalize your supplier base to slash administration time and eliminate hidden costs
  • Drive intelligent procurement solutions throughout your business to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase staff productivity and well-being by enhancing your office environment
  • Achieve greater efficiencies by streamlining processes and harnessing the latest technology
  • Clients have resources and their own strengths to solve and overcome their problems.


Services including our online ordering system , our approach to IT Infrastructure management and Managed Print Services are all the result of Photon Productions harnessing the best of technology to deliver a truly superior service. Photon Productions continues to invest significantly in cutting edge technology, for our own business and that of our customers.
What you can come up with new with such a seemingly simple thing, like a light bulb. However, a group of engineers and enthusiasts still find something to surprise, making this a simple thing to work without wires and in addition to this

Added Value Partnership

We are constantly seeking solutions that meet market requirements and at the same time create added value that bears fruit rapidly for our customers.
This efficiency drive means many IT business unit managers have to be creative in order to drive the business forward with the same or fewer resources.
The same applies to our service portfolio. Product development, package design, film printing, and customized training together form a solid foundation for this concept. To complement our product and system solutions, we offer our customers true added value rooted in extensive services and support. We will continue our investments in line with this mission – remaining a reliable partner for our customers just as we have been for many years now.


As the first company in its industry to be accepted into the Ethical Trading Initiative, Photon Productions is at the forefront of ethical trade in office services. As well as its own programme to engage with the suppliers to ensure that ethical standards are adhered to, Photon Productions also works with customers on particular projects to ensure that the products that they buy are produced under good working conditions. This programme gives customers the confidence that they are working with a supplier that continually works to improve the working conditions of its supply chain.

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