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Desktop Of The Future

Broadening of the firm’s ambitions has been mirrored by a rapid expansion of the business’ network of offices, mainly through merger and acquisition. Three offices ten years ago has become eight today, with staff numbers increasing from 100 to over 250 in the same period – and as the firm has grown, so have the demands placed on its IT infrastructure.
In recent research we carried out with IT Manager customer contacts, one of the leading challenges they identified was how to manage and develop the way in which the corporate desktop was presented to end users, in the office, at home and on the move.
At Photon Productions , we have extensive experience in developing and implementing virtual desktop strategies that can completely change the day to day experience of IT for organisations.

IT Managed Service

Managed services are the practice of day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.
Although the terminology varies, typically the person or organization that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed is referred to as the offeror, client, or customer; and the person or organization providing the managed service is the service provider or Managed Services Provider (MSP).
Our service offerings include Project Planning, Change Control, Risk Management, Issue Management, Quality Control, Project Evaluation
The following is a summarized history of managed services to give you some background relating to how these services have developed. This history pertains specifically to companies who service small network systems.
The companies who have helped service small networks in the past have been hamstrung by the lack of tools to help with the problem. The networks they service developed as simple systems, usually built by a self taught network amateur-turned-pro.

Managed Print Services

Photon Productions works closely with market-leading hardware and software vendors to deliver exceptional Print Management outcomes. From home office printers, through to high volume production equipment, we have developed a portfolio of solution sets to meet customer requirements.
This is the fastest growing part of our IT business as we provide a genuine alternative to traditional print and copier providers, using our virtualised desktop and network skills to integrate Print Management fully into clients’ IT Infrastructure.
All underpinned by technology from leading international vendors. Phased implementation strategy, and innovative technology in collaboration with Xerox. It analyzes why printing is being done, and reduces the dependence of an organization on paper, over time, by managing content.
This is help us devise a properly customized strategy specific to the client organization.


Our data storage service is centralized, highly available, highly scalable for a wide range of applications. Whether dealing with technology changes, managing a growing department or facing resource constraints, our storage solutions can help. We have options to fit all your needs from high-performance OLTP databases to imaging and other bulk data repositories.
Whatever level you choose, you will know that your data is safe and secure.
Set up a consultation with our team to discuss the options that best fit your needs.


Whether you're looking to make the move from a physical to virtual environment or exploring how to better manage your existing virtual infrastructure to maximise its potential, we can help with a range of solutions, bespoke to meet your needs and available to all budgets.
The facility has been created to offer a new level of user experience and interaction with the latest education and business IT solutions. Customers experience a personalised, bespoke programme when they visit the demo suite; one that is tailored to demonstrate how the latest in hardware and software can meet their specific requirement.
A method of logically dividing the system resources provided by mainframe computers between different applications. Since then, the meaning of the term has broadened
Whatever level you choose, you will know that your data is safe and secure.
Set up a consultation with our team to discuss the options that best fit your needs.

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