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As a specialist signage and wayfinding contractor, Photon Productions Signs fully understands the design and planning process required to efficiently navigate people around a facility. We work closely with architects, designers, specifiers and contractors to plan effective, coherent wayfinding solutions linking different areas of a building in a unified manner while projecting the best possible image to visitors. Photon Productions offers design led wayfinding solutions incorporating consultancy, on site signage surveys and scheduling , tender preparation, planning applications and consent, as well as final installation using our own fully qualified team of experts.


Exterior Directories and Wayfinding Directories and custom directory signs are used in many places such as malls, office buildings, airports, doctors offices, and city buildings. The purpose of this sign type is to provide location information to the viewer such as room numbers, current location, or flight information. Airports - Airports use digital directories to help travelers find arriving and departing flights. Malls - Malls use a combination of digital and lit directories to direct visitors to specific locations throughout their building. Office Buildings - Office Buildings use a combination of directories and directional signs to aid in travel throughout the building. No matter what your specific needs are, Photon Productions can help design custom Directory Signs and a complementing wayfinding system appropriate for your location. Our team of experienced designers can provide attractive and functional signs that follow the theme of your building decor. We work with a range of high quality materials and can design systems that are easy to upgrade and require minimal maintenance.


We provide a range of meeting room signs in Stainless Steel, aluminium and acrylic. These signs are easy to fit and provide a sophisticated and contemporary look.Acrylic and Stainless Steel Meeting Room and Conference Room signs are made with a marine grade Stainless Steel attached to an Acrylic backing. They are available in a range of standard fonts or we can customise them to use your company font. If you would like a custom design, unusual wording or would like to include you logo, please give our sales team a ring on 095 5127 1515. We will be happy to help.


If you really want your signs to make an impact, consider a projecting signage system. Highly visible from a distance, projecting signs can carry a message on both sides and are designed to quite literally stand out in a corridor or open plan internal space. Photon Productions designs and manufactures internal signage solutions that project messages, logos, text, icons and graphics in real style. Whether it’s a bold or discreet display of information that’s called for, Photon Productions projecting signage is designed to stand, quite literally, head and shoulders over more conventional internal signs. With detailed material cutting and folding, projecting signs from Applelec's range of fabricated signs are created with information to one or both sides of the suspended sign face. Illumination can be accommodated within the internal steel support structure of the sign using fluorescent tubes, LED modules or with Applelec’s 8mm thick light panel, LED Light Sheet. Indeed, LED Light Sheet is used to create the slimmest of illuminated projecting signs with a double sided sign of just 60mm possible. Projecting signs can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, glass and acrylics and mounted using various fixing systems. Ideally, signs should be positioned at a minimum height of 2300mm from finished floor level and their size should address structural issues.


Suspended signage is the perfect solution for open plan environments such as workspaces, auditoria and showrooms or for areas where wall-mounted or free-standing signage isn't possible or aesthetically appropriate. Interior suspended signage requires pre-planning to determine ceiling suspension height, accessibility and structural issues. Suspended signs can be manufactured using a range of materials including acrylics, fire-rated architectural fabrics and large format, lightweight banners to capture attention everywhere from museums and galleries to open plan offices and public spaces. With similar advantages to projecting signage, suspended signage is a highly visible solution that can carry digital printed media on both sides incorporating logos, text, icons and graphics to really make its presence felt. Suspended signs should be hung in areas with the right level of natural or artificial light. A striking effect can be achieved when a sustainable source of internal illumination, such as LED technology, is incorporated into a suspended signage system.

Free Standing

Totem signs are often referred to as 'free standing signs' which have many uses - directional, wayfinding or quite often remote branding opportunities. We manufacture single or double-sided, flat or curved fronted with or without illumination. Our Totem signs are designed on a site specific basis and we offer the complete service inclusive of foundation works, cages and installation via specialist truck mounted access equipment. To discuss your requirements for a free standing sign with our team, please call us on 095 5127 1515

Modular Sign System

The modular sign system is an elegant and robust internal signage solution that is designed by our in-house team of sign design and manufacturing experts. One of our most flexible interior signage solutions, the Photon Productions modular sign system is a strong, yet lightweight interior scheme that suits a diverse mix of signage requirements and budgets. It comprises a simple assembly of extruded, interchangeable aluminium profiles that are stove enamelled to an exacting paint finish and will accurately match any RAL, BS, NCS or Pantone reference. Text, graphics and icons are usually screen printed and deliver outstanding results every time. At just 6mm thick, our modular sign system is renowned as the most flexible signing system currently available on the market.


From typeface and colour to style and size, these are the elements that express an organisation's identity, projecting qualities such as dynamism, pride, integrity or professionalism. Signage is integral to brand identity. It helps to enforce that strong statement about what an organisation stands for, how it should be perceived, what it represents. Corporate signs welcome and instruct, direct and protect, but they're also instrumental in presenting that vital, positive first impression. Photon Productions knows that the basis of a successful brand identity scheme demands three key essentials: a well-designed graphic image, a solid set of brand standards and the consistent application of brand graphics across all areas of implementation.


Mandatory signs such as safety, fire safety, hazard and warning signs are fundamental to the safety of building users and visitors. They should be located at strategic points and include prohibition, warning, fire action, mandatory and escape signage elements. Photon Productions designs and manufactures a range of high quality fire and safety signs that comply with all current BS regulations.You'll find standard 'stock' safety signs and custom signs, fire equipment signs, health and safety signage, construction site safety signs, fire exit and office door signs, all here - and at the best prices - guaranteed!.

Tactile & Braille

Photon Productions ensure that signage solutions, including internal signage and external signage, must be compliant and accessible to all, including the visually impaired.We have developed a number of production processes to produce coherent, cost-effective tactile and Braille signs that integrates completely with an overall signage scheme without restricting its design. We recommend the following tactile and Braille elements are incorporated to a signage scheme to ensure compliance: Tactile embossed characters of between 1mm to 1.5mm in thickness, set in a contrasting colour to its background, greatly improve signage legibility. All interior and exterior signs should in turn contrast with the surface on which they are mounted to remain fully compliant. Braille comprises a number of raised dots that create recognisable characters. It should be used in conjunction with tactile text wherever possible. The ideal dot is a 1.4mm diameter sphere that is set just over half its depth into the surface of the sign.

LED illuminated sign

We have installed over 40,000 LED screens and displays for a broad spectrum of clients. As a LED display and LED LCD screen manufacturer we are able to offer a complete bespoke solution for your business. We communicate with our clients all the way through the process from concept to commissioning, offering you the most cost effective solution for your needs. Our innovative, award winning LED signs have been designed to maximise visibility and improve safety, all whilst reducing the running cost normally associated with standard illuminated signage.

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