Office Supplies

  • Managing your Stock
  • Flexible Delivery Options
  • Service and Support

Managing your Stock

Let us take away your stock management headache. By utilising our storage facilities, logistics and the buying expertise of our team, our customers are able to not only take advantage of the keenest prices for bulk ordering but can eliminate the need for additional storage space and significantly reduce their distribution costs.

Typical products :
  •    Printed stationery
  •    Branded merchandise
  •    Branded work wear
  •    Bespoke items

Flexible Delivery Options

For our customers it’s about having the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

This means our customers :
  •    Never have to hold stock
  •    Can benefit from ‘just in time’ deliveries
  •    Reduce wastage

Service and Support

Due to the increasing complexity of customer interactions, customer service organizations need a complex technological infrastructure that is flexible, extensible and scalable and that integrates front-office applications with back-end processes and data.

Traditional call centers handle voice-only customer contact, whereas contact centers include all types of channels of customer contact, including voice The Photon Productions experience includes:

  •    Product review and pricing
  •    Straightforward, easy ordering
  •    Reducing your carbon impact when procuring office supplies
  •    Online technology that allows you to order via the internet in a controlled, environment - saving you valuable time and hidden costs
  •    Management information and cost reduction project advice.
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