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As part of Photon Productions CarbonNeutral status, we invest in high quality carbon credits to support initiatives across India to become more sustainable.
We have always chosen projects that offer more than just carbon reduction. Our partners ensure that the projects offer other community, health and economic benefits to the people who we work with .

Employee Engagement

When Photon Productions launched its sustainability programme, the company decided that it would not be the responsibility of one person or one team to deliver its goals, but rather that the whole company needed to be engaged. From a compulsory showing of The Inconvenient Truth for all staff, to the current plethora of activities that we see today, our sustainability programme has succeeded to engage over 97% of staff.
Not only that, a recent survey showed that 92% of staff are so proud of the work that they do through company initiatives, that they talk about the success of Photon Productions sustainability programme to friends and family too.

Working With You

Fundamentally, we are driven by doing exceptional work that not only exceeds expectations, but genuinely furthers our industry and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. If that sounds exciting to you, get in touch. No matter what the project, we want to hear from you. Photon Productions has continued to invest in its staff, technology and equipment, to ensure that quality and speed of delivery is always maintained. This has enabled Printing to take to a new level the quality of product it is able to offer to its customers with improved reliability, faster turnaround, less wastage and reproducible print production.

Supply Chain Management

Photon Productions consistently finds that supply chains play a critical role in helping companies achieve growth objectives. In today's markets, companies are increasingly challenging their supply chains on multiple dimensions, including flexibility, cost reduction, predictable risk management and customer service levels.
Our supply chain consultants help ensure that our client's supply chains are a source of competitive advantage for meeting both short- and long-term goals.

Charity Work

Each year we look to support a local charity and a local community project to support within our own community, as well as supporting and donating to employee and client nominated charities, whether it be a financial donation, or the offer of gifts that can be used to realise additional funding.
We also help our employee's with their own charitable causes, helping them to achieve their goals by matching their own fund raising activities and helping our community to make a difference to other peoples lives.

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