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Being the leaders in the industry, we present Vertical Pylon Signages of fine quality. It can be installed in front of the particular outlet on the ground as it is vertical in shape and is capable to catch the eye of every individual. Pylon and Pole signs are also a vital structure for all shopping centre and complex owners to install out in the front of their complex, as without one it is difficult for the tenants to advertise their presence within that building. It can be manufacture using Steel, ACP, Acrylic etc.


At its heart it is a robust monolith construction that's designed to serve as a powerful, yet aesthetic signage statement within the most demanding environments. An elegant aluminium totem structure encased within a stainless steel surround, Amer is available in two architectural finishes for external signage applications, notably as a commercial wayfinding solution for imposing landmark estates. Incorporate stylish graphics, text and corporate branding and the Amer impact is complete.


Versatile, beautiful glass. This is Ile. Ile is an architectural glass signage solution that creates a striking impact in interior and exterior environments. Inside,Ile stands proud as free-standing directory and location signage, outside it has an arresting presence as a wayfinding sign. Ile supports either twin 6mm or single 12mm thick toughened glass panels in a heavy gauge aluminium extrusion in stove enamelled silver. It can be decorated with digital printed or CAD cut vinyls and screen-printed media or with laser cut metal lettering that can be bonded to the surface of the glass

Cedo + Podo

Cedo & Podo are tactile ground surface indicators for the visually impaired, designed to inform the presence of a danger, such as an escalator, stair or moving walkway.
Cedo is suitable for internal use and finished in a micro bead blasted anodised aluminium, mirror polished brass or polypropylene in 3 colourways.


Link car park signage for suspended, projecting, monolith or door signs Visible, clear and versatile. This is Link car park signage. Designed specifically for car park signage, Link is a highly durable, single piece extrusion that can be supplied with or without internal illumination. Available in 3 section widths of 100mm, 150mm and 250mm, Link is one of the most versatile signage products in the range. It can be used as suspended signage, projecting signage, as a monolith or simply as an door sign, inside and out. Link is supplied with a standard finish in satin silver anodised aluminium and can be stove enamelled or power coated to match any BS or RAL paint finish .


The Opalescent signage system delivers a stylish and practical, yet discreet touch to interior and external environments. This versatile, simple fixing was designed by Gerard Plenacoste and is fast becoming the system of choice for specifiers looking for a more elegant signage solution that also meets DDA and accessibly regulations. Opalescent DTP insert signs comprise an elegant aluminium profile with a range of finishes including a natural anodised micro sandblasted, brushed and mirror polished finish.


Pasamano is an award-winning wayfinding product designed to assist blind and visually impaired visitors as well as sighted visitors who appreciate clear, intuitive signposting. Pasamano can be fixed on handrails between 35mm and 55mm in diameter and is also available in a flat plate version for wall mounting. Talk to our sales team to find out more about wall-mounted Pasamano.


Paris is a stylish, yet remarkably effective room or location sign that's designed to accept DTP inserts, framing logos, graphics and typography in a natural anodised, micro-sandblasted or polished aluminium finish. Designed by Tecton for Marcal, Paris complies with accessibility and regulations detailing on the aluminium face to assist the visually impaired. Paris is available in lengths including 170mm, 297mm and 420 and with a depth of just 8.5mm, this is a stunning signage solution that says it all, clearly and consistently.

pile ou face

This DTP insert sign system comprises a range of aluminium profiles in a choice of finishes including natural anodised, micro sandblasted and a mirror polish. Combined with tactile and Braille lettering, the Pile ou Face system is perfect media for DDA compliant signs. Two insert panel materials in glass (V-verre) and silica acrylic (P-PMMA) are available as standard and are 8mm thick. A locking grub screw and allen key are included for fast, easy assembly. This versatile system is available in two depths and various lengths: 70mm depth x 70mm, 140mm, 210mm and 420mm 210mm depth x 90mm, 210mm and 420mm


Skwizmi is A-series paper size friendly and available in three profile sizes of 75mm, 105mm and 216mm in various lengths. Only the 75mm profile is available with the clip mechanism with the larger profiles taped fixed direct to a surface. Photon Productions recommends wall-mounted signs are positioned at an adequate height to avoid obstruction and make navigation an instinctive experience. Ideally, they should be installed at the same height throughout the building within a band of 1400mm to 1700mm above finished floor level.

silenzio uno

The possibilities are endless with Silenzio Uno. This is the complete solution for wayfinding, room location, project, desk mounted and free-standing signs that complements every interior scheme. Silenzio Uno comprises twin glass or acrylic panels, each measuring 5mm thick and secured within a choice of satin stainless steel, black powder coated or micro-sandblasted anodised aluminium finishes. Versatile and stylish, Silenzio Uno can also deliver the ultimate signage system - just add lettering to the sleek aluminium component and the needs of the visually impaired are met with effortlessly. Use intuitive Silenzio Uno as a meeting room signage scheme and take advantage of clever green and red tell-tale indicators that signal free or busy rooms. This is intuitive interior signage. Silenzio Uno is available in a range of widths from 90mm to 270mm and lengths from 135mm to 405mm and a locking grub screw and allen key are included for fast, easy assembly.

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