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In recent years, Photon Productions has done some of its best ICT work in close partnership with schools, transforming student outcomes through network infrastructure.
Our revenues with schools have grown 31% year-on-year in 2014 as we successfully engage with schools facing either challenge. Some projects are very cost-focussed, for example reducing print or connectivity costs. Others are more wideranging, facilitating completely new ways of teaching, all underpinned with corporate grade network infrastructure.

Professional Services

Our clients highlight increased competition and market pressures that are transforming expectations from technology. We see a number of recurring themes:
Clients seek much faster access to their advisors and related documents and information, so core applications need to more available more quickly.
Mergers and acquisitions, rapid growth and downsizing have increased year by year all place a premium on clarity of strategy, agility and integrity of core infrastructure.
Identifying and delivering cost savings are a more-critical-thanever requirement for IT Managers, in both project work and ongoing support services.

Specialist Sectors

Photon Productions IT Services is particularly proud of its highly qualified and personable engineering support staff. Here we show just how important our Engineers are to us and to our clients.
Our consultants work within specialised vertical markets allowing each one to build extensive knowledge within their chosen field. Our multi-layer candidate delivery function allows us to supply our clients with only the best, most suitable candidates.

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